Hello my name is Cath and I am a Tropic skincare ambassador.

I started my journey with Tropic at the start of 2021 when I fell in love with the products and the
ethos of the company. Prior to discovering Tropic I hadn’t put any thought onto what the ingredients
were that in the products that I was putting on my skin – only how much they cost and whether they
worked. Tropic has opened my eyes to a different way of skincare, one that doesn’t contain any
harmful ingredients and from a company that really cares about the world.


With their powerful infinite purpose of creating a greener, healthier and more empowered world,
everything Tropic do is geared towards this. Which means they only use the best ingredients, they
partner with charities which help fund educate in the most remote parts of the world and the
packaging they use – it is all about working towards this.


My passion is helping people to make informed choices about their skincare and to spread the Tropic
love wherever I go.
I offer 1:1 consultations, group Tropic get togethers at home or in the work place, have stalls at markets and events as well as a private facebook group where I showcase the products with competitions and special offers.

If you want to know more about this amazing brand get in touch!

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